Adsimilis倒闭,affiliates又少一个好联盟 | 电脑阁


Adsimilis是国外一家比较好的联盟,主要提供dating, mobile app installs, downloads, games, sweepstakes, subscriptions, bingo/casino等offer。拥有8年的历史,今天突然宣布倒闭,现在的affiliates行业真是不好做了。



Just got this email:

In order to cater to the Company’s closest partners, Adsimilis will be retiring the affiliate network operations to consolidate focus toward our exclusive products and properties under a new label.

To address the most immediate concern: All publishers will be paid out in full. To emphasize Adsimilis’ commitment to the publishers that the company has had the pleasure of partnering with the past eight years, any minimum payment thresholds will be waived.

The public Network business will be closed December 8, 2017. Links will no longer work after that date, and any Adsimilis network activity generated through this date will be paid as normally scheduled (including all special payment terms). Cake functionality for reporting purposes will remain through January 31st, 2018.

Please take a moment ensure your payment details are accurate. Any necessary updates can be sent to with your Performance Manager in cc.

Looking forward to sharing our new exciting products with you in Bangkok for Affiliate World Asia, and throughout 2018 with a refreshed brand rollout!





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